Yesterday was my last therapy session with my latest therapist and in the few months that she was my therapist I: 

- I was re-diagnosed from Major Depressive Disorder to Bipolar II

- I stopped taking meds, and started smoking marijuana 

- I learned how to distinguish feelings 

- Learned how to forgive and make sense of other people’s emotions

- My self harm has become less habitual 

- I am starting to do more things for myself because I WANT to do them and I learned how to respect myself

- She taught me that it’s okay to take a compliment and accept it. People are sometimes nice to be nice, they don’t always have anterior motives. 

- I have become less paranoid of people’s motives

- I have became less impulsive

- My sad and happy days are starting to balance out

- I have gotten less anxiety attacks than I have ever had. 

Cant wait to meet the new therapist in two weeks. Shit is looking up man, and I can’t wait to tell myself one day “Ive been self harm free for a year, can deal with my emotions, can make rational decisions, can feel comfortable around people and not feel paranoid, and have better days than bad days, in a normal, non euphoric manner.”